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Here we go... Again!

When I started working for myself five years ago, I had a lot of ideas about what it meant to work from home. Don’t get me wrong: working from the comfort of my home and setting my own schedule is literally the best gig ever. I wouldn’t trade it for the WORLD.

But… owning your own business it isn’t always a walk in the park. It isn’t what some people want to you believe. I’m totally guilty of looking at my news feed and comparing myself to other female entrepreneurs or lifestyle bloggers.

You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones with perfectly styled hair sporting an entirely sponsored wardrobe casually posed against the perfect urban backdrop. The ones with the perfect flay lay in every Instagram post. The ones who convinced you to buy your last three cosmetic purchases. I, on the other hand, sometimes forget to shower for three days.

I’ve always loved writing but fell into the idea that I couldn’t be a blogger because I wasn’t one of ‘those girls’. I don’t put on makeup every day. My food isn’t perfectly plated. I wear sweat pants (a lot). I started my own business at 22 with literally zero training or background in how to actually run a business. In fact, I was a dance major in college so I really felt out of my element my first year of working. I learned everything the hard way through trial and error. It wasn’t always sunshine and roses.

The internet makes it so EASY to be selective with what your audience sees. It also makes it too easy to compare yourself and your success to someone else behind a phone screen. Everyone talks about how awesome it is to be a #GirlBoss but no one is being honest with you about what that lifestyle ACTUALLY looks like. No one is telling you how to make it happen for you.

That’s where my original blog, Off The Record was born in 2017. I wanted to provide a ' behind the scenes' look at what it means to be a female entrepreneur in a world that wants you to believe your life has to be perfect. I wanted to show you that the journey is the best part of the process.

But life got crazy, and after planning a wedding long distance and trying to manage my business while helping others grow theirs, Off The Record died. RIP. I didn't have the time to commit to blogging at that point in my life. Maybe it was because I tried to hard to BRAND myself and fit into a niche. Maybe it was because my passions in life were shifting from teaching women how to build a business to teaching women to build up THEMSELVES.

There's a lot of factors. All I know is, now, I have the itch again so here we are!

I’ll be sharing weekly posts featuring tips, advice, lifestyle inspiration, and social media training for women like me who are tired of feeling sub-par in the eyes of the internet. I want to inspire and empower ladies across the world to take pride in their story and journey, and use it to find their people.

Many lifestyle blogs are unrealistic. I’m here to change that.

Welcome to my candid look at building a brand and creating your life.

xoxo Victoria



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