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Thanks for joining me at PIT Stop M3!

I really wanted to provide some additional resources for those of you who want to grow your personal brand!

Here you will find some of my favorite training videos and materials to help you expand upon what we talked about during my presentation.

Here are some documents for your use, I ask that you use these for your personal use and not distribute them:

  • For a copy of the Brand Survey from PIT last year, click HERE

  • For a copy of my brand voice sheet click HERE

Two years ago I would have never posted

Favorite Apps:

  • Canva (Desktop version is better)

  • WordSwag

  • VSCO

  • Unfold

  • Over

  • Plann 


Get 7 days of Shout for FREE:

Download my Bots:

  • Birthday Bot-

  • Order Bot-

  • VIP Opt In / Out -

  • Team Opt In / Out -

If you download both Team and VIP bots then you’ll have a duplicate of the ‘Stop’ bot, be sure to delete one of them!

For more product related videos, subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

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