About Me

Victoria Jameson

Makeup Artist, Content Creator, Motivational Speaker


A professional model and dancer by trade, Victoria thought entertainment was the only career she would find success in. She struggled with depression and bulimia as a dancer throughout college which took a toll on her health and ability to perform. During this time in her life, she began competing in pageants which helped Victoria to embrace her struggles in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.


     In 2015, Victoria set out on an accidental adventure and (eventually) fou​nd major success in the cosmetic and skincare industry with a top rated social sharing company. When she started her business, she felt lost, overwhelmed, and full of self doubt. It wasn't until she took on a 'why not me?' attitude that she began quickly moving towards success. 

     Since then, she has grown her organization to over 700 women, trained on the corporate level as a featured speaker, earned five free trips and a free car, and helped her team accomplish over 3 million dollars in sales. Not only is she a top team leader, she's also a top producer with over $100,000 in personal sales. She attributes her success to building her career as a professional makeup artist in Dallas, TX and growing her online following as a result. 


     Throughout this journey, Victoria received her Makeup Artist certification and started taking clients in 2016. Her work was published on the cover of an international beauty magazine a year after she began pursuing her career as a makeup artist.

     This career in sales has given Victoria a sense of self worth and confidence she hopes to pass on to other women through motivational speaking and business coaching. Victoria offers coaching packages for those who want to achieve their goals as a network marker, influencer, or small business owner. 

     In addition to her career in cosmetics, Victoria does consulting for companies looking to grow on TikTok and Instagram. As a certified social media strategist, Victoria enjoys working with She-EO's and helping them grow their business empire.  Victoria has a limited number of appointments for one on one TikTok coaching and has recently launched her signature TikTok Accelerator course.  

     You might also recognize Victoria as a nationally published model and makeup artist. She's recently appeared in commercials for Mazda and Gold Bond, national advertisements for TIGI Bedhead, and her work as a makeup artist has been featured in numerous publications. She has been an official cover model and virtual instructor for the national workout chain, Hotworx. In both 2018 and 2019 Victoria was featured on a billboard in Times Square for SeneGence International.

If you'd like Victoria to speak at an upcoming event, please contact her here.